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Introducing, Provocativo Cava Brut

Introducing, Provocativo Cava Brut

Persistent bubbles, crisp, elegant taste, in a larger-than-life magnum bottle.

Introducing, Provocativo Cava Brut.

We are beyond excited to have this premium sparkling wine at Florida Craft. The process begins with the finest Spanish cava grapes, and continues inside the bottle. The bigger the bottle, the better the evolution that happens within.

Provocativo has perfected the long, costly aging process to create a sparkling wine with crisp and refreshing notes of citrus and florals. It’s first-class taste inspires dancing, epic parties and over-the-top celebrations.

Newly launched in the US, you can now order a bottle online to ensure that your next party will be bigger, better and have plenty of bubbly! Let’s raise a glass and celebrate Provocativo joining Florida Craft!

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