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Afrohead Premium Rum

Afrohead Premium Rum


When AFROHEAD Premium Aged Dark Rum’s Rum Savant, Toby Tyler, moved to the Bahamas in 1997, he fully immersed himself in the West Indies culture.

In 2008, with a deep respect and understanding of the 17th century rum-making process, AFROHEAD was born. We at Florida Craft know the importance of showing #RUMSPECT.

Toby sought to create a rum that paid tribute to the rich cultural diversity of the island. The stylized image of a Bahamian woman that decorates the bottle was designed to pay tribute to the rum’s origins. The stunning icon symbolizes aspects of Bahamian lifestyle and culture that inspired the world’s best tasting premium dark aged rum.

AFROHEAD Rum brings together the West Indies’ best kept secrets in a bottle that can now be enjoyed by all.

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