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Baci al Sole Rose

The newest arrival in Rosé is as passionate, stylish, and romantic as Italy herself. From sun-kissed vineyards embracing the city of Verona the setting of Romeo and Juliette’s love story. Baci al Sol is made from the finest grapes of hillside vineyards on the shores of Italy’s sun-kissed Lake Garda.

Corvina, the Queen of Veronese grapes, adds intrigue and flavor to this spicy encounter. The hue of warm blush, the scent of cherries and rose blossoms, the flavor of pale berries. Baci al Sole is the perfect pairing on the beach, in the meadow, your own private garden. Wherever the sun warms the joy of being together

Italy is loved for romance, sunshine, and wine. Sips of her beloved rosé are like kisses in the Italian sunshine. Enjoy your ‘baci al sole’ from Italy with love!